forum for youth investment


The Forum for Youth Investment is an action tank working with national, state and local leaders in more than 35 states and hundreds of communities toward a common vision: To change the odds that all young people are ready for college work and life.  Combining technical assistance centers, initiatives and networks, the Forum has more than 45 staff and 15 consultants associated with offices in Washington, D.C., and Ypsilanti, Michigan. The Forum advances a big picture approach to assessing and improving the programs, policies and partnerships that, when combined, improve opportunities and outcomes for vulnerable children and youth wherever they live, learn, work or play.   

The Forum’s leadership is exploring new ways to operationalize the Forum’s tagline – moving ideas to impact – by seeking out thought leaders that have a track record of articulating whole child/whole community messages and moving them to impact within their spheres of influence.  Karen Pittman and Merita Irby – co-founders of the Forum and nationally recognized leaders in youth development – are joined in this work by two Forum board members – Steve Fleischman of Education Northwest and Judith Seltz formerly of ASCD – who have been at the vanguard of efforts to encourage educators to think differently keeping children and youth at the center of decision-making and design,  act differently within their own spheres of influence, and act together with others in their community to change conditions for children and youth.


fablevision studios

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FableVision Studios, co-founded by CEO, Paul Reynolds, creates award-winning games, animated films, museum kiosks, apps, and websites. Our media, storytelling, and technology solutions allows us to collaborate with publishers, broadcasters, museums, research groups, foundations, and educational institutions. FableVision is dedicated to helping all learners reach their full potential and to telling “stories that matter, stories that move.”

FableVision is proud to collaborate with this partnership to launch a nationwide initiative designed to attract a legion of learning innovation advocates required to put a whole child education centered system into immediate action.